There are many animals on screen apps in play store but our snake on screen app, is totally different from other snake prank apps,. This application will display very realistic animation of Snake Python, Anaconda, Cobra, serpents and Snake on Screen of your phone biting the screen.

snake on screen

While snake on your screen you can do any work like play game, watch movies, browse the Internet and the slithery reptile snake crawl will always be visible Snaking side by side to your snake mobile screen.

Movement of this snake mobile free vertebrate was generated on the basis of animation showing a retro snake moving in its natural environment. Amazing new just snake app. Download live snake on screen prank apps 2017.

Snake on Screen display an crawling and hissing moving snake on screen, it is the most funny and scary snake app. Terrifying snake moving on screen will be running, looking around, sniffing and crawling snake hissing on screen. Horrifying animation of reptile will always be displayed in the foreground.
Download the big snake on screen app to create the scary and hilarious pranks with your friends and colleagues. The app will run smoothly without lagging other apps. snake crawling on screen displays a snake run animation with hissing sounds.

Prank your buddies by adding live snake hissing to your mobile, which appear at your screen always. It will show you Notification with which you can stop the Snake prank any time. You can make snake on mobile as your living reptile..

Snake on phone screen photos are the best to create amazing Photos that will surprise your friends. snake in phone lets you have move around the screen drawing over apps to make it appear like snake is stuck in phone.

live snake onscreen Phone moves around the screen not simple like other prank and you can end the prank anytime by clicking on the Notification. Snake in the screen crawls in all directions and all edges of screen.

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