By keeping little things that are very important in mind. You can make your weed to by using stems, seeds and leaves of marijuana.

How to Make Weed Tea With Stems

Whatever you choose, irrespective of that, you need to be very alert while making this tea for the first time. A few simple steps will lead to successful recipe in the first time itself. A guideline to help you learn Make Weed Tea is given below.

How to Make Weed Tea With Stems

Are you a beginner? Did you know weed tea is a potent way to take a grip of your Anxiety and stress that takes a toll on your body on a daily basis?

Irrespective of the fact, you are a novice or a veteran in making weed tea; a little guidance may give you variably amazing results with your recipe. if you are searching for How To Make Iced Green Tea

To begin with, hunt around for the leaves, stems or seeds of an herb named marijuana. It would not take long for you to find them out, as there are plenty of organic farms raising the same.

Once you get the leaves of this herb boil the water and sprinkle it over the marijuana leaves (in case you are willing to learn how to make weed tea, using marijuana leaves).

You need to harness the water sprinkled leaves for above a span of an hour, in order to extract THC from the leaves.

You will not get the desired effects if you fail to extract THC out of the marijuana leaves, as it is the magic element, which adds potency to a cup of your weed tea.

Once you have learnt how to extract Thc successfully in the recipe of how to make weed tea, you need to know that THC is sparingly soluble in water. Thus, you need to take an aid of any one of the following;

1 tsp of oil or butter, half ounce of alcohol or one ounce of whole milk in order to dissolve as much THC as you can. This not only increases the solubility, but it also increases the potency of your weed tea, largely.

Did you know that you could play around with the regular flavors that you witness in other herbal teas, by simple using mint or any other desired flavor?

Thus, once you learn how to make weed tea, and make one cup of your potent, hot liquid recipe, it might take an hour or one to show its effects.

How to Make Weed Tea / Cannabis Tea

Benefits of drinking coffee

The effects would last for long, totally depending upon the potency of your tea. With this much learnt, you are good to sip a cup of hot potent weed tea and relish its effects for long.

i am going to tell you little about the history who discovered tea

Who First Discovered Tea?

There are many tales about how the Camellia sinensis bush was discovered and used to make the drink we all know as “tea.” Most of these myths and tales are very interesting myths and tales but they have no historical basis. For example, in Buddhism it is commonly told that the founder of the Zen School of Buddhism was meditating in front of a large structured wall for nearly nine full years and he had mistakenly fell asleep.

When he awoke and realized he had fallen asleep he felt morally and spiritually weak and in his anger he cut off his eyelids. His eyelids distinctly dropped into the ground, took root as if they were made for planting, and grew into full and luxurious Camellia sinensis plants. He then took the tea and made a beverage of it.

The most commonly told myth about the discovery of tea is a Chinese legend. This is the most probable of the many legends and myths out there surrounding the discovery of tea. The Chinese legend myth explains that the Emperor of China and famed inventor of Chinese medicine and Chinese agriculture, Shennong, was purifying his water by boiling it. This was his purification process and ancient custom.

This particular time he was purifying his water the wind was blowing ferociously and it blew tea leaves from a nearby Camellia sinensis bush into his now boiling water. He noticed the water had a new aroma and that it had changed color.

The esteemed Emperor of China was always testing new things and tested the newly discovered Tea and was refreshed and thoroughly enjoyed the newfound tea. In his many tests Emperor Shennong had found that Camellia sinensis (tea) reveresed many toxic potions and mixtures and that Camellia sinensis (tea) was a universal medicine with thousands of applications.

While we may never completely know how Camellia sinensis (tea) was discovered, we should be happy that it was and enjoy the many variations of Camellia sinensis (tea) and the thousands of benefits of the Camellia sinensis (tea) we so richly enjoy today!

How it’s Made Tea


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