If you want to learn How To Make Iced Green Tea At Home you have come to the right place.

how to make iced green tea at home

The best thing about making any kind of iced tea is that it is actually quite easy, but you will find that the main drawback to making iced tea is that it takes a good deal of time.

However, if you are willing to invest the time necessary to make the iced green tea, you will find that it is one of the most delicious and refreshing beverages you can make. Also Watch this video How To Make Iced Green Tea At Home

How To Make Iced Green Tea At Home

So how do you make iced green tea with simple green tea recipes?

Here is one of the simplest iced green tea recipes:

Step 1: Prepare the water for the tea. Many people actually let the water reach a boil, but the idea is for the water to only reach a simmer just before it boils. There is a margin of a few seconds that the bubbles are beginning to appear in the water, but the water hasn’t started rolling yet. Turn off the water at this point for perfect green tea.

Step 2: Let the green tea steep in the water. Leave the water in the pot, and place the green tea bags inside the pot of hot water. It will usually take the green tea between three and five minutes for all the flavor to be infused into the hot water, so let it sit for that long without disturbing it.

Step 3: Remove the bags of tea. Make sure to remove the tea bags after the correct amount of time has passed, but use a spoon to squeeze the last drops of hot water from the tea bags. Throw the tea bags away.

Step 4: Let the tea cool. It will usually take the hot water 20 minutes to cool down, and you shouldn’t add any further ingredients until the hot water has cooled properly.

Step 5: Pour the cooled tea into a pitcher and add flavor. Adding a bit of honey or sugar to your green tea can help to make it even more refreshing when it’s cold, and it will take the bitter edge off the tea. Don’t forget to add a bit of lemon to make the tea tasty.

Step 6: Add half a cup of cold water for every cup of hot water. This will help to dilute the strong tea a little bit, and will make it much more palatable.

Step 7: Place the picture in the fridge, and let it sit until it is very cold. Only add ice immediately before drinking, and a sprig of mint will be the perfect garnish for your delicious cold drink.

Now you know how to make iced green tea following the simple green tea recipes above, and you can see that it is quite easy. While it may be a very precise art to make fine green tea, you can enjoy the delicious and refreshing tea any time once it has chilled properly.

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