Green Tea For Acne Skin

Green tea for acne skin: Did you know that there are many acne remedies that are incredibly effective, but many of them have terrible side effects? Finding a healthy and natural remedy for acne is the way to go, as with natural remedies you don’t have to worry about side effects.

green tea for acne skin

Many people find that using green tea for acne is actually one of the most effective remedies, as the green tea helps to get rid of the acne problems much more painlessly and effectively than most of the other remedies. Also see How to Make Weed Tea With Stems

The thing that makes green tea for acne so effective is due to the fact that green tea contains all kinds of nutrients, specifically antioxidants. Antioxidants deal with the decay of your cells, which is basically what acne is. Let’s take a look at how acne works, and how using green tea for acne is so effective:

Step 1: The skin is perfectly healthy, minding its own business, and getting rid of the dead skin cells at the proper rate.

Step 2: The P. acne bacteria attacks the skin, infects it, and causes the skin cells to start decaying and dying much faster than they should.

Step 3: The skin finds that the dead skin cells just aren’t being eliminated at the right speed, and so the dead skin cells start to pile it.

Step 4: The dead skin cells cover the top of a pore, and the pore tries to get rid of the blockage – with no success. The oil being produced by the skin gets backed up, and the pore gets infected (this is a pimple).

Step 5: The skin cells continue to decay, and the oil continues to back up until you have pimples in more than just one place.

So, now we know how the acne sets in, but how does green tea help?

Step 6: You apply green tea to your skin, or you drink fresh green tea. The antioxidants in the tea flood through your body and infuse your skin.

Step 7: The antioxidants go to work slowing down the rate at which your skin is decaying, thus allowing your body to get rid of the dead skin cells naturally. There is no longer an accumulation of skin cells, as your body is able to eliminate them on its own – and thus the crisis is averted.

Green Tea For Acne Skin

Isn’t it amazing what a cup of tea or two a day can do to help restore normalcy to your body and prevent acne? Obviously the way it works is much more complicated than that (all biology jargon), but that’s basically how it works.


If you apply the green tea to your skin using a cotton ball, it will infuse your skin with the antioxidants that can help to slow down the skin cell decay. If you drink a few cups of tea a day, you will be building up your body’s reserves of the antioxidants and preventing the acne from being a problem in the future. Amazing, isn’t it?

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